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Watch your employee PC activities without being noticed

Keylogger software is best used to monitor computer activity and let you see exactly what all activities were performed on the PC in your absence. Best software to record keystroke and other similar activities of employees and judge what is they performing in your absence.
Best PC monitoring tool easily monitors and records –
•    Typed keystroke details
•    Email composed and sent
•    Clipboard contents
•    Text or Voice chat conversations (Yahoo mail, Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live etc)
•    Application/Software accessed (running or operated)
•    Internet activities
•    Typed passwords
•    Captures Windows screenshots (takes screenshots at periodic interval time)
Some extraordinary features:
•    Simple, safe and easy to use keylogger software
•    Software runs in hidden mode (does not appear in add/remove program, installation folder path, desktop icon)
•    Automatic startup facility as soon the computer starts functioning
•    Software facility to view every typed keystroke or only printing keystrokes
•    Password protected utility prevents unauthorized users to access the best computer monitoring tool
•    Software facilitates to email log file at specified location or upload log file using latest FTP server settings
•    Advanced keystroke and other activities performed on PC report generation facility
•    Free 30 day trial facility to understand utility features and working capabilities before deciding to purchase it.
About Author
www.forensicsoftware.biz is prominent provider of cost efficient and easy to use PC monitoring tools. Company design and develop simple and easy to operate software programs generally being useful for every type of business organizations to improve employee overall performance.