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Fast Setup Maker Software Creates Executable Installation Exe


Highly developed setup creator software is entirely used to deploy your fully set up program into executable file format at the user defined location and distribute them among several users through internet gateway or any other method. Time saving setup creator utility is the best way to get rid of unlimited installation tasks.

Exclusive install builder is a readymade solution for generating self extracting exe files used for deploying Windows based application over internet or any other source of media for releasing software products in standard EXE installer setup format.

MSI to EXE creator converts the existing Microsoft .MSI file format to .EXE file (executable file) in just one click. Trouble free and interactive setup creator program maintains the integrity of data even after being converted to exe setup package and supports major versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2010, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 etc Software provides an interactive wizard interface that helps one to select a file and converts it into the complete setup installation package into exe file format and save the created executable file at the desired (target) place.

With (Some extra ordinary features)

Easy software setup wizard (install or uninstall option) and requires no scripting or coding skills to run the program.

Highly detailed exe builder service is prepared with advanced enhancing features like quick launch of shortcuts or license agreements etc.

Make easy for software engineers or professionals to prepare their project using any platform or any programming language.

Software promise highly optimized code size that helps in quick setup download as compared to internet.

About Author

We provide advanced solutions for promoting business activities in the IT driven technology services in the best possible way. Our organization is specialized in designing complete and automatic setup creator programs into exe file format in less time and affordable manner. Software is developed by an excellent team of professionals whose job is to provide a helping hand to all the software engineers (including programmer, analyst, developer, coder etc) having less knowledge in the field of programming or coding.